Mary – Braiiiins

On our first day in Kigali, we took an informal tour of the city. We stopped at a mall popular with ex-pats for iced African coffee with ginger and chocolate. We turned heads. Other non-Africans moved around us at the mall and on the streets, and they were not stared at like we were. I think this is probably because these individuals looked like actual people. Our group, on the other hand, pale from two days of travel in various air-conditioned boxes, moving in a slow hoard with bags under our eyes from airplane sleep and eyes wide trying to take in all the new sights, bore a striking resemblance to the zombies in the in-flight movie I watched on the airplane.

We are still a spectacle in Gashora, but walking around the village, we are able to interact with the people we encounter. Yesterday we experienced a major victory – we were told we don’t look like tourists.

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3 Responses to Mary – Braiiiins

  1. Lori Dombrowski says:

    A ompliment for sure-We love you Mary
    Mom Dad and Stan

  2. Valerie Holtgeerts says:

    Iced African coffee with ginger. Turning heads. Such images–thanks for letting us in on what it’s like. Thinking of you all.

  3. Mary Lynn says:

    Vivid descriptions, Mary…I feel like I’m almost there with you! Love, Min

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