If you’ve been wondering why we aren’t quicker with the blog posts (Hi, Mom!) let’s talk about our schedule. Breakfast is always from 7:00 – 8:00 and typically we have class at 8:30, or we leave for the half hour walk into town to work with the Gashora Health Center building kitchen gardens for the rest of the morning. Lunch is in Gashora Center at 1:00 every day; if we are building gardens, we walk back to La Palisse to clean up and then walk back into town.

After lunch, we have been teaching English language lessons at the Health Center, and also at Covaga, the women’s basket-weaving cooperative. Then after that, more class time and just a bit of free time before dinner at 6:30. And in case you forgot, the students have reading and homework.

Of course there are opportunities too good to pass up, like a meeting with the Executive Secretary of the Gashora sector, or like yesterday, a meeting with Esperance, the government official in charge of all the cooperatives. Opportunities to visit the Gashora Girls academy, a private science and technology secondary boarding school. Or like last week, when we visited a Genocide Memorial in nearby Nyimata. So then the schedule needs to be reshuffled. (Ask any student. They can tell you all about rescheduling!)

But we are happy to reschedule, to make new connections, new relationships. We are happy to learn more about the people in this community, and learn how they are shaping their future. And we are grateful that they are willing to share their vision and their labor with us, and we don’t want to pass up a single opportunity. Because, as the students say to each other, when we will get a chance to do this in Rwanda again?

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One Response to Lee-Re:scheduling

  1. Wow, you all must be tired at the end of a day! Or exhilirated. Or both. Glad to get this glimpse into your work, while I guiltily read blogs at a coffeehouse instead of working…..

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