Grant – Walk the Line

Grant – Walk the Line

“If we excavate the memories of childhood, we remember the paths first, things and people second…” Bruch Chatwin, It’s a Nomad Nomad World.

The children love to walk with us, and that is something we have gotten used to in Gashora. They may only follow us a few feet, sometimes, they might follow us all the way back to the hotel. They will always stop at what to us seem like arbitrary places on the road. Once they hit said arbitrary place, they sometimes just watch us walk away, other times they just start running the opposite way. This is what we have dubbed The Line.

The Line is an invisible place in the road that the children will not cross. We’ve all had them growing up. Maybe your mother said to never go past the house with the red door, or to always be in sight of the house. If you were ever caught beyond these lines, you were sure to get in trouble. I had these invisible lines growing up, but like many, you tend to forget what they were once you grew out of them. The children of Gashora have these lines too, despite our initial worries. While we were warned about this line, we were still amazed about how far the kids would follow. We’d meet with some very young kids in the city center who would follow us all the way back to the hotel. We’re talking kids ages 3-5 who would walk with us clear across town, so not surprisingly, we felt like kidnappers! The Line was always there, however, so without fail they would break off and head for home. Even the ones daring enough to jump onto the back of our moving car, they never passed The Line. Kids can be bold and strange, but in the end, they are just kids, the same as we were.

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